Kids Program


 At the Greater Cleveland Self Defense Association, children learn how to recognize danger, avoid attacks and, when no alternative is available, apply effective defensive action. Boys and girls learn defenses against all types of attacks. Special focus is placed on bully awareness and response.

 Children are taught to defend themselves using Combat Hapkido (Chung So Nyun Hapkido), a specially designed style of Hapkido created for today’s times. Combat Hapkido is a proven, scientific, reality-based approach to personal protection.

 In addition to physical skills, children gain self confidence and self discipline. And, at the Greater Cleveland Self Defense Association, your child will also have fun. All classes count toward belt advancement.

Instructed by Master Steve Fine

40+ years of martial arts experience   Teacher of martial arts since 1971                             5th degree black belt, Combat Hapkido, Licensed instructor, International Police Defensive Tactics Institute, Longtime volunteer, Cleveland Rape Crisis Center. Master Fine is assisted by his team of certified black belt instructors

 Greater Cleveland Self Defense Association                                                               Rockefeller Pointe Building                                                                                                           2490 Lee Blvd. (NW corner, Lee & Mayfield)  Suite B165 Cleveland Heights, OH 44118


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