The International Police Defensive Tactics Institute

The GCSDA is proud to include three instructors of the IPDTI:

Ptl. Dan Tesmer (Retired)
Licensed IPDTI Instructor
21 year Police Veteran
OPOTA certified Instructor
1st Dan Chon-Tu-Kwan Hapkido

Melanie Sinkie-Barrett
8 years in Law Enforcement
Licensed IPDTI Instructor
Ground Survival Instructor
ATS Instructor
1st Dan Black Belt in
Chon Tu Kwon Hapkido

Master Steve Fine

ATS Instructor
Licensed IPDTI Instructor
Military Combatives Instructor
ICHF State Director for Ohio
4th Dan Chon-Tu-Kwan Hapkido
40 Years Martial Arts Experience

For the national IPDTI site, click here.